Your Easy Yes Offer program includes:

  • 1:1, ongoing, monthly consulting—with both of us behind the scenes in your business, giving you direct feedback and the next steps to: Increase/stabilize your monthly income, protect your limited capacity, and Decrease the time + energy your business needs from you.

  • Easy access to us via your own 24/7 private concierge support channel. 

  • Video, audio, and text messages in threaded, organized, and asynchronous conversations—so that you never have to worry about timezones, Zoom calls, or being “on” whenever you need the day “off.” 

  • Transcriptions of all our audio messages—so you can easily (and immediately) pull from our 1:1 conversations and turn them into marketing/sales content, forward them to a team member, copy/paste them over into a GDoc, etc. 

  • Detailed responses and unique-to-you feedback from us within 1-3 days. 

  • Unlimited Q&A—ask us anything/anytime (we’re open books!). 

  • Direct feedback for your own “Easy Yes Offer” AND the short-term and long-term strategies, systems, and sales you need to make it ultra-sustainable for you.

  • Direct access to BOTH of us. This means with 1 investment you get 2 high-level consultants investing in you, including my marketing/sales brain AND Scott’s systems/ops brain. 

  • Flexibility and spaciousness—i.e. you get to choose how you want to use your time with us every month and what problems you want to solve next. 

  • Behind-the-scenes access to our tutorials, SOPs, connections, and templates—if/when you need them. 

  • An option to FREEZE your retainer for one month at any point, for any reason, for FREE. So there’s no pressure if you need to take time off! 

  • EXTRA GIFT: Your first three months have been discounted to $1,000/month—as a gift. As a transition. As a way to make it even EASIER for you to step into your next era. 

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