(And WHY this is so much more than a typical half-day intensive)

Our Half-Day Intensives are specifically designed to uplevel one KEY area within your business—your sales, your strategy, or your systems—so you can unlock true ROI quickly by breaking free from the hustle, burnout and exhaustion that’s keeping you stuck at your current financial plateau. 

And because we never do anything the “normal” way, our Half-Day Intensives go BEYOND a typical 1-on-1 coaching session to include an in-depth 3-week process. This allows us to maximize your breakthroughs before, during, and after your VIP day so you can reclaim the clarity, focus, growth, and profitability you’re looking for—with a NEW vision and step-by-step plan that will close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be next

Our 1-on-1 Half-Day Intensive includes:


Two weeks before your Half-Day Intensive, you’ll receive your Business Audit. Throughout this audit you’ll share ALL of your data, numbers, links, Google Docs, ideas, and questions—so we know exactly what plateaus, obstacles, and frustrations you’re currently coming up against behind the scenes.

This audit is designed to unlock breakthroughs even before we meet (which is why our client, Nicole, sent us a message saying, “I already feel like I got my money’s worth just from the audit!”). But beyond that, it allows us to analyze your unique business from the inside out so that the advice + strategies we share with you are exactly aligned with your true goals, needs, and desires.


After we receive your Business Audit, we’ll spend an entire week strategizing on your behalf and creating custom training for your Intensive. This means we’ll show up to your 1-on-1 intensive session already knowing who you are, what your business needs, and exactly what you should focus on next. It also means not a single minute of your 4-hour session will be wasted on asking “discovery” questions or trying to strategize for your business on the fly.

Instead, we’ll show up with a growth plan and training (for your NEW strategy, systems, or sales) that’s already meticulously prepared for you!


Week three kicks off with your 1-on-1 VIP session! We’ll spend 4 hours strategizing, brainstorming, and collaborating as we work to uplevel your strategy, systems, or sales.

Then, as soon as your session is over we’ll create your custom step-by-step Action Plan which maps out the entire strategy we unpacked during our time together. This Action Plan not only outlines exactly what to work on, and in what order, but it also pinpoints both your short-term and long-term strategies so that you—as the CEO—have a crystal clear vision for HOW to lead your business forward to break through your next financial glass ceiling without sacrificing yourself in the process.

In addition to the custom Action Plan, you’ll also receive a custom-to-you Resource Bank where you’ll get lifetime access to extra training, templates, scripts, and behind-the-scenes resources that nobody else (besides our 1-on-1 clients) gets to access.

Beyond all of this, you’ll also get a full week of 1-on-1 Voxer access—so you can audio message us directly, ensuring any lingering questions get answered even after your session is over!

Simply put: This is unlike any Half-Day Intensive you’ve ever seen before.

“I’m in tears over how impactful this year has been on my personal growth and business and it ALL STARTED with you and Scott. You shared so many amazing tools and even after the intensive I still felt/feel support from you two. I haven’t been THIS aligned is my business ever!”

What's included

Your half-day intensive includes:
  • Comprehensive business audit (so you feel 100% prepared—at this exact moment in time—to get the most out of your half-day intensive).

    • BONUS: This audit also means that we, as your mentors, will know the inner workings of your business, goals, frustrations, and data *before* your half-day intensive even begins. So you can be confident knowing that we’ll be analyzing your business ahead of time—which means less time spent explaining and more time spent getting answers/results.


  • Half-day VIP intensive (2 hours of deep work + 1-hour break + 2 hours of deep work).

    • The experience will be recorded so that you have lifetime access to your half-day intensive.


  • Custom-tailored action plan based on our time together (so you know exactly what to work on next and in what order).

  • Resource bank filled with extra examples and additional resources that we will custom curate for you (which will continue to support you beyond our time together).

  • 1 week of ongoing support (via Voxer) so you can audio message us any final/follow-up questions that may come up after our time together.

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