Strategies, Systems, and Sales for the entrepreneur
who’s ready for both less and more


But 2024 is quickly approaching and we only have a few spaces left!




Once you ditch all the scaling myths and look beyond the online marketing’s definition of “scaling” …

You already know there are REAL problems, growth plateaus, and glass ceilings you’re facing right now that are begging for something deeper to change in your life + business.

  • Maybe you’re stuck in a hustle cycle, a stress cycle, or a financial cycle—where everything you’re doing looks “good” from the outside, but you’re secretly drowning behind-the-scenes.
  • Maybe you’re trying to keep all your plates spinning, products selling, and clients happy even though you’re not experiencing enough balance, sustainability, and financial peace in return. 
  • Maybe you’ve outgrown the strategies, systems, and sales that brought you here, but you don’t know how to reimagine and rebuild them to take you where you want to go next.

I know exactly what this feels like.

I’ll never forget curling up in bed and ugly-crying during three specific growth seasons in our entrepreneurial journey—three pivotal turning points when I knew I needed both less and more from our business, but I didn’t know WHAT that looked like or HOW we needed to change in order to grow and expand beyond our current reality.

Looking back, it’s clear that these specific turning points are the reason why we have the life + business we have today. But while I was living through them, all I knew was that I was stuck in a business that was no longer working for me.

Which meant my tears, anger, discomfort, and exhaustion were merely symptoms of something DEEPER that needed to change—of the fact that I wanted so much MORE for my business, but I also needed it to require LESS hustle, burnout, and sacrifice in return.

If your business made between $40-250k in 2023
and you want to scale beyond that in 2024, then you already
know exactly what it’s like to crave both less and more.

And yet, NOBODY ever talks about (or teaches, or shares the full story behind) how hard it really is to overcome, break through, and grow beyond $40-250k without sacrificing yourself, your integrity, OR your love for people.

Which is exactly why a few years ago, we created our 1-on-1 scaling intensives—Beyond Irresistible—to share the REAL behind-the-scenes strategies, systems, and sales that have allowed us to …

  • Scale our 6-figure course into $1.6 million in sales—without sacrificing the intimacy, connection, and authenticity.

  • Prioritize our life and marriage outside of our business—untying us from our inboxes, social media accounts, and the hamster wheel of constantly promoting, launching, and selling.

  • Elevate true rest and deep healing because we have the structure, the strategy, and the support we need—within a company culture that values health, sustainability, and well-being from the top down AND from the inside out.

Unlocking each of these “next levels” started with the same undeniable wake-up call that was begging us to reclaim both LESS and MORE. Which is why, after 9 years in business (and millions of dollars in sales), the one thing I can promise you is this:

Wanting a business that requires LESS of you and gives MORE to you isn’t some big crazy dream or catchy tagline.

It’s the ONLY way forward.



“When I first inquired about Beyond Irresistible, I was just really hoping for something more in my life and business, and to find direction. I had done all the masterminds and courses, and what I really wanted was depth. I wanted to be seen and to figure out what I needed to do to scale up. Elise and Scott know how to get really, really deep. I was so blown away by the whole process.”



Right now, let’s imagine what less and more would look like for you. What would change about your life and business if you could …

  • Hit your real revenue goals (and beyond) with ease + authenticity—no longer pouring from an empty cup or bypassing your mental health and wellness.

  • Analyze, optimize, and uplevel your unique marketing plan, sales funnels, and path to profitability—doubling down on what’s really working for you and releasing everything else.

  • Expand your signature offer into the most life-giving, innovative, and high-converting version of itself—free of clutter and confusion so you can do a lot less with a whole lot more clarity and focus.

  • Streamline, simplify, and systematize every layer of your business—by nurturing the right niche, the right customer, the right metrics, and the right business model without sacrificing your commitment to serving people with excellence.

  • Step off the hamster-wheel-of-busy and finally prioritize your true goals—giving you a life outside of your business and the freedom to keep growing and expanding in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible.

Beyond Irresistible
exists for turning points such as these—to amplify, deepen, and expand your results AND to prepare you for the next-level of growth with strategies, systems, and sales that are built for BOTH less and more.



Beyond Irresistible is the exact opposite of a high-ticket mastermind or
group program (since we believe our clients deserve better).
Within both our Half-Day Intensive and our 90-Day Intensive we go behind-the-scenes (where nobody else goes) to partner with you, for you, and alongside you as you navigate the messy, vulnerable, and sacred process of scaling. This unique apprenticeship-style approach (which includes 1-on-1 consulting, future-focused strategies, customized action plans, insider knowledge, and hands-on support) is how our clients are able to unlock …



As a result of working together 1-on-1, here’s what you can expect to accomplish before you finish Q1 of 2024 …

  • Create your next-level profit plan (for growing and expanding beyond $40-250k) so that your cash flow is continuous, your profit margins are healthy, and your sales are increasing month after month.

  • Analyze all your behind-the-scenes numbers, data, funnels, metrics, and to-do lists so that your business becomes the healthiest and most life-giving version of itself—where autonomy over your time, money, and energy becomes your new normal.

  • Map out your short-term and long-term strategy so that, 1) your vision and future are clear and, 2) the power is back in your hands with new strategies, systems, and sales that will fuel your next-level of success.

  • Build, pivot, or uplevel your ONE true signature offer within a sales ecosystem that’s designed for profitability and scalability—so you aren’t tied to your inbox, social media accounts, or the constant “hamster wheel” of content creation.

  • Remove 80% of your current to-do list by determining which profit-generating tasks are the most important to your unique business and which tasks are a complete distraction or causing bottlenecks that slow down momentum and cash flow.




This is what it looks like to scale beyond $40-250k by expanding into NEW strategies, systems, and sales that make that next bigger paycheck, or that next bigger launch, or that next big financial threshold possible.


Fill out your application today (if you’re ready to scale beyond $40-250k)




Beyond Irresistible was made for you even if your behind-the-scenes feels too messy or your next-steps feel unclear. Because right now, we know you may be thinking …

“My business looks successful from the outside, but everything feels messy and unsustainable behind-the-scenes!”

Wonderful! We always tell our clients, “The messier the better,” because Beyond Irresistible was made for vulnerable seasons of growth and reclamation! Believe it or not, there is nothing you need to do OR change before we can co-create the strategy, sales, and systems needed to scale your business beyond $40k, $100k, or $250k. Plus, the messiness, exhaustion and burnout you’re feeling right now tells us you’re ready for both LESS and MORE (and you’re not willing to settle for the status quo).

“I’ve successfully sold lots of different things over the years, but I don’t have a sustainable ‘signature offer’ that’s ready to scale!”

This is also good news! If you’re currently selling/delivering multiple offers or if you’ve sold/delivered your knowledge/products/services in a variety of different ways over the years, then this tells us you’re an action-taker and a risk-taker who’s committed to making your business work! Now, as a part of scaling into the next-level, it’s time to build, pivot, or uplevel a scalable signature offer—which we’ll do together while we reclaim your time, energy AND cash flow at the exact same time.

“I need to change something—maybe my business model, offerings, audience, marketing, strategy, or sales process—but I’m NOT clear on what needs to change or how to change in order to create the life and business I really want!”

If you recognize this need for change (even if you don’t know what needs to change or how to change it), you’re absolutely in the right place! Plus, since you’ve already been collecting ideas, numbers, data, feedback, websites, funnels, and followers … you aren’t starting over from scratch, but expanding into the future! So as long as you’re open, willing, and ready to break through, then we’re ready to co-create the signature offer, support team, and sustainability you need to scale beyond the “messy middle” (by removing all the weight, pressure, and growing pains from your shoulders alone).


The Half-Day Intensive and the 90-Day Intensive. The path we recommend for YOU depends on your business, your needs, and your specific goals. After you apply, we’ll carefully work together to ensure that you’re able to achieve the specific results you’re looking for within the 1-on-1 container that aligns with your personal capacity and your business’ needs. But as a result of our VIP Intensives, here’s what our clients have accomplished …

Lacy Y.

“I made back my FULL investment within our 90 days together."

Kerry W.

“I’ve made almost $40,000 from my new offer!"

Caroline w.

"Since working together, my business has seen over 300% growth."

madison M.

“At the end of 90 days,
I had a launch that did 7x better
than the last launch!”

jamie d.

“I was able to profit $150,000
during the 90 days.”

Reina p.

“I’ve ended up tripling my
customer base
in about
three launches.”


At this point in your entrepreneurial journey, nuance matters, data matters, and the behind-the-scenes details about your unique business—which most courses, group programs, and masterminds skip over—matter in ways they didn’t before.

Which is exactly why our 1-on-1 VIP Intensives are the exact opposite of every “upper level” mastermind or group program you’ve seen (or experienced).


Our Half-Day Intensives are specifically designed to uplevel one KEY area within your business—your sales, your strategy, or your systems—so you can unlock true ROI quickly by breaking free from the hustle, burnout and exhaustion that’s keeping you stuck between $40-80k. 

And because we never do anything the “normal” way, our Half-Day Intensives go BEYOND a typical 1-on-1 coaching session to include an in-depth 3-week process. This allows us to maximize your breakthroughs before, during, and after your VIP day so you can reclaim the clarity, focus, growth, and profitability you’re looking for—with a NEW vision and step-by-step plan that will close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be next

Our 1-on-1 Half-Day Intensive includes:


Two weeks before your Half-Day Intensive, you’ll receive your Business Audit. Throughout this audit you’ll share ALL of your data, numbers, links, Google Docs, ideas, and questions—so we know exactly what plateaus, obstacles, and frustrations you’re currently coming up against behind the scenes.

This audit is designed to unlock breakthroughs even before we meet (which is why our client, Nicole, sent us a message saying, “I already feel like I got my money’s worth just from the audit!”). But beyond that, it allows us to analyze your unique business from the inside out so that the advice + strategies we share with you are exactly aligned with your true goals, needs, and desires.


After we receive your Business Audit, we’ll spend an entire week strategizing on your behalf and creating custom training for your Intensive. This means we’ll show up to your 1-on-1 intensive session already knowing who you are, what your business needs, and exactly what you should focus on next. It also means not a single minute of your 4-hour session will be wasted on asking “discovery” questions or trying to strategize for your business on the fly.

Instead, we’ll show up with a growth plan and training (for your NEW strategy, systems, or sales) that’s already meticulously prepared for you!


Week three kicks off with your 1-on-1 VIP session! We’ll spend 4 hours strategizing, brainstorming, and collaborating as we work to uplevel your strategy, systems, or sales.

Then, as soon as your session is over we’ll create your custom step-by-step Action Plan which maps out the entire strategy we unpacked during our time together. This Action Plan not only outlines exactly what to work on, and in what order, but it also pinpoints both your short-term and long-term strategies so that you—as the CEO—have a crystal clear vision for HOW to lead your business forward to break through your next financial glass ceiling without sacrificing yourself in the process.

In addition to the custom Action Plan, you’ll also receive a custom-to-you Resource Bank where you’ll get lifetime access to extra training, templates, scripts, and behind-the-scenes resources that nobody else (besides our 1-on-1 clients) gets to access.

Beyond all of this, you’ll also get a full week of 1-on-1 Voxer access—so you can audio message us directly, ensuring any lingering questions get answered even after your session is over!

Simply put: This is unlike any Half-Day Intensive you’ve ever seen before.


The 90-Day Intensive is designed to take everything in your life + business to the next level. This experience isn’t just a retreat and it isn’t just a 1-on-1 coaching intensive. It’s a whole NEW hybrid, designed to support you through 90 days of pure growth as you uplevel your signature offer and implement NEW strategies, sales, systems and the support team needed to reach your specific goals and sustain your next-level of success, momentum, and cash-flow behind the scenes.

This experience is typically reserved for entrepreneurs who are stuck between $80-250k and is built to take you from confused, stuck, and overwhelmed, to more growth, more wealth, and more freedom (by doing, working, and guessing less).

Our all-inclusive 90-Day Intensive includes:


Our 90 days together kick off with a private, all-inclusive, virtual 4-day VIP Retreat. Yes, this means you’ll not only get our personal 1-on-1 attention as we strategize and uplevel every layer of your business (through high-level coaching, virtual training, and real-time collaboration), but every detail throughout these 4 days has been woven together to perfectly balance hustle, rest, play, and healing.

We’ve designed every aspect of this experience to be as personal, authentic, life-giving, life-changing, and results-centric as possible. Which is why you’ll not only walk away from these first 4 days feeling utterly and completely spoiled, but your life + business will never be the same.


Beyond the initial 4 days together, you’ll also get three additional 60-minute strategy sessions with us (which you can redeem anytime in the 90-day window as you implement all the next-steps we strategize in your VIP Intensive Retreat).


You’ll have direct access to us throughout the entire 90-day Intensive so you can send us a quick Slack message with any questions that come up between your VIP Intensive Retreat + Implementation Sessions for continuous support + unfiltered growth. This apprenticeship-style approach means we’ll be right there with you as you create, launch, or pivot—offering real-time feedback and guidance all along the way.

Simply put: We’re all yours. For all 90 days that we work together, you’ll be our #1 priority.

“In case it hasn’t been said enough times already, the time I spent learning from you was transformational for me and my business. There are so many things I learned from you I continue to think about and strive towards. Thank you for investing in me and my business.”



Right now, you may believe you’ll have to work twice as hard to get twice as far, or that …

  • Everyone else has already “figured this out” and you’re the only one who isn’t growing sustainably AND exponentially.

  • You’re exhausted and burnt out because you don’t have enough “passive income,” or a big enough audience, or fancy Facebook ads.

  • Something must be “wrong” with you and your ability to make decisions and lead.

  • You’re stuck between $40-250k because you don’t do enough, serve enough, market enough, or sell enough.

But we can tell you from experience: NONE of that is true.

After 9 years in business, 3 messy turning points, thousands of customers, and millions of dollars in sales, we know what it takes to scale—whether you’re stuck between $40-80k or have plateaued at $80-250k.

THIS is why we are so committed to nuance, depth, and reclaiming surrendered ground within every aspect of our life + business.

Because true wealth, true growth, and true freedom are NOT reserved for the special few and they do NOT have to unlock layer by layer after years and years of hustling.

Right now—as is—your business is allowed to grow beyond what you’ve already achieved with strategies, systems, and sales that are built to scale WITH you.



If you already know you’re ready for more time, more balance, more space, more freedom, more energy, more cash flow, more impact, AND more left over (for you, your people, and your life outside of your business) …

Then Beyond Irresistible is the scaling incubator you’ve been waiting for. As Denise Duffield-Thomas always says:

“It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step.”

Apply now for
Beyond Irresistible

Fill out the application below to share your vision, your goals, and
your messy behind-the-scenes with us!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we pour so much of ourselves and our capacity into the strategy, sales, and systems for each client, we are only accepting a few more Half-Day and 90-Day clients to work with us over the next few months. If you’re feeling the nudge to work with us in this deeper way … the time is now.


“During my intensive weekend with Elise and Scott, I was held in a safe space to unravel, to be super honest about where I felt like I was falling short, or afraid to be a leader, or completely clueless about how to take things to the next level.

Elise and Scott were so human, real, and loving with me. They allowed me to see parts of their business that I hadn’t seen before that really cracked me open. And that was only the beginning…”




The burnout, exhaustion, tears, anger, discomfort, and decision-fatigue you’re feeling right now are symptoms of REAL problems, growth plateaus, and glass ceilings that are begging for something deeper to change. Which means more “self-care” isn’t the answer, more “passive income” isn’t the answer, and “just one more launch” isn’t the answer.

The real answer is: The strategies, systems, and sales that brought you here won’t take you where you want to go NEXT.



Apply now and finish Q4 (and start Q1) with a clear path forward!


Maybe you’ve taken some amazing courses, or read some amazing books, or implemented some amazing advice.

But now, you’ve reached the point in your business where figuring it all out on your own isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • You’re looking for advice that goes beyond opinion to a real strategy and a clear step-by-step plan that’s 100% customized to your exact timeline, goals, and needs.

  • You want a mentor who’s willing to spend time with only you and who will go behind-the-scenes in your business to analyze all the data, details, and patterns that are keeping your business stuck in a cycle it can’t break free from.

  • You want someone who knows your goals and who celebrates your values to guide you towards a business that can truly sustain you and scale with you, without it consuming and controlling you.

So if you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to reclaim more time, more balance, more space, more freedom, more energy, more cash flow, more impact, AND more life outside of your business …

Beyond Irresistible was created to give you the high-level support, nuance, and depth you’ve been missing.

We’re HERE to remove all the weight, pressure, and growing pains from your shoulders alone.




Strategies, Systems, and Sales that make
less and more your reality in 2024


Please read this carefully.

  • Nuance and depth are a part of every conversation and topic we teach. We don’t do shallow, teach overnight formulas, or subscribe to either the “hustle culture” OR the “passive income culture.” Instead, we offer our clients a unique combination of holistic, analytical, soulful, and data-informed guidance that uplevels your signature offer, strategy, systems, sales, and support team so that your specific goals can (and will) become your NEW reality.

  • Mental health is our #1 priority as individuals and as a business. Because of this, everything we teach is filtered through a very trauma-aware and trauma-informed perspective. So if—in the midst of our work together—we uncover any habits, patterns, or plateaus that are mental health-related or that fall outside the scope of business strategy, we will connect you to experts, resources, and mental health professionals for additional upleveling support (which will further maximize your results).

  • We believe in transparency and ethical integrity above all. We will never say, sell, teach, or write something we don’t 100% believe in. Fame and money aren’t what lead us forward—instead, we focus on doing right by our customers and holding ourselves accountable to a high level of excellence in all we do.

  • Black lives matter. Unequivocally. If you would argue that fact by saying “all lives matter” in return, then unfortunately we will not be the right mentors for you. But if diversity, equity, and inclusion are non-negotiables for you as well, then we encourage you to apply—so we can strive to build anti-racist brands alongside one another.


Send us a DM on Instagram or keep
reading for more answers below


  • Your business made between $40-250k in 2023 and now you’re ready to multiply your results and scale beyond your current level of success in 2024 (without adding to your burnout and exhaustion).
  • You’re ambitious and driven, but you’re also open to learning and changing. Despite the success you’ve already achieved, you’re a “lifelong learner” and are constantly looking for ways you can improve yourself AND advance your business.
  • You work fast and you’re an action-taker. Which is why a year long mastermind (where you get 10 minutes of attention a month) isn’t enough for you. High touch, high quality, and high impact are requirements for you now.
  • You’re not looking for us to “save” you. As the CEO of your business, you already know YOU are the only person who can lead your business forward. But the longer you’ve been in business the more you’ve realized that, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And in order to close this gap—from where you are now to where you want to be next—you’re ready to become the next-level CEO your business needs you to be.
  • You never half-ass anything. Showing up with excellence on behalf of your customers is a non-negotiable for you. This means you aren’t looking for less and more because of personal gain alone, but because you know the ripple effects of this growth will finally allow you to serve more people and create more impact without sacrificing yourself, your integrity, OR your love for people in the process.



Otherwise, what are you waiting for?
It’s time to take your next step forward.

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