STEP #3: Schedule

Yay! Now it’s time to schedule your session!
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Step #3: Schedule 75%


Schedule your session based on the timeline you prefer.

WHAT's an "EXPEDITED" timeline?

By default, sessions can be scheduled no sooner than 14 days after your registration date. This allows 1 week for you to complete your Audit, and 1 week for us to review the Audit.

If you’d like to expedite your session*, you’ll need to complete your Audit within 1 day of registering. This will allow you to move up your session to 8 days from now (1 day for you to complete your Audit, and 7 days for us to review it). If you want more time to work on your Audit, we recommend the regular timeline.

*Availability on our calendar might not allow for an expedited timeline.