See what our people are saying about their Beyond Irresistible experience.

madison M.

“At the end of 90 days,
I had a launch that did 7x better
than the last launch!”

jamie d.

“I was able to profit $150,000
during the 90 days.”

Reina p.

“I’ve ended up tripling my
customer base
in about
three launches.”


This is what it looks like to scale beyond $40-250k by expanding into NEW strategies, systems, and sales that make that next bigger paycheck, or that next bigger launch, or that next big financial threshold possible.

“In case it hasn’t been said enough times already, the time I spent learning from you was transformational for me and my business. There are so many things I learned from you I continue to think about and strive towards. Thank you for investing in me and my business.”




The burnout, exhaustion, tears, anger, discomfort, and decision-fatigue you’re feeling right now are symptoms of REAL problems, growth plateaus, and glass ceilings that are begging for something deeper to change. Which means more “self-care” isn’t the answer, more “passive income” isn’t the answer, and “just one more launch” isn’t the answer.

The real answer is: The strategies, systems, and sales that brought you here won’t take you where you want to go NEXT.


“During my intensive weekend with Elise and Scott, I was held in a safe space to unravel, to be super honest about where I felt like I was falling short, or afraid to be a leader, or completely clueless about how to take things to the next level.

Elise and Scott were so human, real, and loving with me. They allowed me to see parts of their business that I hadn’t seen before that really cracked me open. And that was only the beginning…”



“When I first inquired about Beyond Irresistible, I was just really hoping for something more in my life and business, and to find direction. I had done all the masterminds and courses, and what I really wanted was depth. I wanted to be seen and to figure out what I needed to do to scale up. Elise and Scott know how to get really, really deep. I was so blown away by the whole process.”



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